August 2018, SIG writing Conference, Antwerp, Belgium

Claudia Doroholschi presented the paper “BA and MA students’ perceptions on the supervisory relationship: a European context”, co-authored with Mira Bekar and Kristin Solli, within the SIG Writing 2018 Conference held in Antwerp, Belgium, in August 2018.

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The paper examines student perspectives on the complexity of the thesis writing process with special focus on the supervisory relationship. Data were collected by semi-structured interviews with bachelor and master students at universities in five countries in Europe (Malta, Macedonia, Norway, Romania, and Ukraine). Students were also required to produce journey plots and visually present their learning experiences and the intensity of their experiences during the thesis writing journey. The preliminary results show that the experiences with the supervisor are overall positive but gain on intensity when more autonomy is given to the students in the decision-making process.

Snapshot of first slide:


  • Excellent opportunity for exchange on research and research methods in writing studies, with an emphasis on quantitative research
  • A few less conventional but stimulating keynote formats, including creative writing and contributions from companies


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