February 2018, COST conference participation, Winterthur, Switzerland

From 7 to 9 February 2018 the ELN Conference was organised in Witherthur. Switzerland, by the Language Competence Centre of the Zurich University of Aplied Sciences, for all working groups int he COST-Action IS1401. Members had the chance to present their outputs and completed works in the last three years within the COST-Action as well as plan the final year of the Action by discussing the relationships with partners and stakeholders and preparing for the 2018 Literacy Summit.

Madalina Chitez co-authored a paper with UVT colleague Cristina Baniceru (member of the Academic and Professional Writing Centre, CSAP) with the title:  Academic Essay Writing in Romania: Didactic Analyses of Second Year Student Texts Using Corpus Data.

More information about the event here.