February 2019, ELEXIS Observer Event, Vienna, Austria

ELEXIS Observer Event was organised from 18 to 19 February 2019, in the framework of the ELEXIS project (European Lexicographic Infrastructure) and hosted by the Austrian Centre for Digital Humanities (part of the the Austrian Academy of Sciences / OEAW):

More information about it here.

Dr Madalina Chitez represented West University of Timisoara, Romania, and attended the project paper and discussion sessions. She also informed the network members and the other interested participants about the new research foci at the language departments of the West University of Timisoara (i.e. corpus linguistics, language-related digital methods).



More impressions here (Twitter).

Shortly after the meeting, West University of Timisoara was awarded the official ELEXIS Observers status (one of the first in Romania).

UVT has now the official ELEXIS Observer status.