February 2020, WCES, Istanbul, Turkey (virtual presentation)

The 12th World Conference on Educational Sciences (WCES-2020) was organised in February 2020 (06-08) by the Ayvansaray University, Istanbul, Turkey. The conference main theme was “Multicultural education”.

Dr Madalina Chitez and Dr Loredana Bercuci represented the West University of Timisoara, with the paper „Calibrating digital method integration into ESP courses according to disciplinary settings”.

The presentation was in virtual format.


This study analyses the effects of a teaching strategy in an ESP course in which guided corpus linguistics exercises are progressively introduced to improve the students’ academic writing. It consists of various task-based corpus processing, consultation and analysis stages, each one having a different complexity level: compilation of a discipline-specific expert corpus, consultation of a native speaker English corpus, analyses of both types. The pre- and post-intervention results are quantitatively and qualitatively assessed, controlling for discipline specificity. The results of a corpus-consultation satisfaction survey are also included in the analysis. We conclude that corpus consultations leads to improvement of ESP students’ writing, while also increasing student motivation.

 Keywords: academic writing, corpus consultation, expert corpus, English for Specific Purposes, computer-assisted language learning

Presentation excerpts:

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The publication based on the conference paper is:

Chitez, M. & Bercuci, L. (2020). Calibrating digital method integration into ESP courses according to disciplinary settings. New Trends and Issues Proceedings on Humanities and Social Sciences, 7(1), 20-29; https://doi.org/10.18844/prosoc.v7i1.4862; available at: https://un-pub.eu/ojs/index.php/pntsbs/article/view/4862