July 2020, Conferences ESP – Serbia and TaLC – France

In July 2020, Andreea Dinca and Dr Madalina Chitez presented the topic „Assessing learners’ academic phraseology in the digital age: a corpus-informed approach to ESP texts” (different perspectives of a similar theme) at two international conferences:

  • The 4th International Conference on ESP, LSP, GE (Main topic: (Re)Considering the Foundation Principles and Assessing the Common Grounds between ESP/LSP/GE), organised by the University of Niš, Serbia, between 17th and 19th of July 2020.

More information about the conference here.

  • TaLC 2020 – Teaching and Language Corpora Conference, organised by Perpignan University, France, between 15th and 18th of July 2020.

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In the field of English for Specific Purposes (ESP), as in any other type of interlanguage, phraseology contributes significantly to successful academic writing (Biber & Barbieri, 2007). For particular learner varieties, such as Romanian English, few studies have examined formulaic sequences (Hyland, 2008), mainly focusing on lexico-grammatical patterns (Chitez, 2012, 2014). The proposed paper investigates the use of phraseology in Romanian students’ academic papers, written during their ESP courses, by adopting a double contrastive perspective: first, we contrast texts produced in two different disciplines (Literature Studies and Information Technology), and second, we compare the academic phraseology in learner language with native speaker phraseology. For the analysis, we have compiled two corpora (ESP-LIT and ESP-IT), each consisting of 40 texts representing a discipline specific didactic genre, e.g. essay. As reference, we used the Academic Phrasebank (Davis & Morley, 2018). The aim is to find out whether the use of academic formulaic expressions differs according to the discipline and the extent to which students integrate expert academic phrases into their writing. The methodology can be replicated for different language learning settings.

See also Book of Abstracts here.

Presentation excerpts:

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Both conferences were virtual and presentations were delivered either live or as pre-recorded video.