May 2019, working group meeting in Romania of the QUALINT Network

In the period 9-10 May 2019, the QUALINT network (Partnership for Quality Improvement in Internationalization of Higher Education) working group meeting took place, an event organized by the ROGER research team. The event brought together partners from Switzerland, Austria and Spain. Together with UVT representatives, they discussed issues related to measuring and improving the quality of international university education programs.

Event poster:

Among the discussed topics were the linguistic competences of English Medium Instruction students and lecturers in various disciplines and study programs, analysis of typologies of international study programs, development and certification of intercultural competences, and also their link to the labor market. Colleagues at the University of Bern expressed openness to the idea of taking over and adapting the certificate developed and implemented at their univeristy (Certificate of Global Competences) to be tested and implemented by UVT as well.



Article contributors:
Loredana Bercuci
Mădălina Chitez
Andreea Dincă