November 2018, Research visit for PROWOKE proposal submission

In November 2018, Madalina Chitez, Claudia Doroholschi and Roxana Rogobete submitted, as secondary proposers, the COST Action Proposal entitled PROWOKE – Creating the Writing for Work Network. Coordinated by Prof. Kirstin Bromberg from The University of Applied Sciences, the network comprises more than 15 countries and 35 proposers. Together with MindsHub Oeconomica Foundation, The West University of Timișoara states Romania as the country with the largest representivity among the network partners.

Abstract: PROWOKE – Creating the Writing for Work Network
The Professional Writing and Employability Network (PROWOKE) seeks to bridge the gap between the writing skills that students learn in school and university and the skills that are demanded of them in the workplace. This challenge has grown as the workplace becomes increasingly mobile, internationalized, and digitized. By exploring professional writing in the workplace and studying innovative ways of teaching professional literacy skills at vocational training and university, PROWOKE aims to foster employability and to facilitate the transition from education to work. This Action—made up of actors from vocational, academic, and professional settings connected in a new network—will map the changes in writing procedures, writing genres, and workplace literacy technologies to create a new vision of a cutting-edge literacy education aligned with the world of work. Phase 1 activities will include evaluating new research and compiling first-hand information on various disciplines such as social work, medicine and health professions, business administration, law and security, and technology. Activities in Phase 2 will focus on the development and implementation of vocational and university teaching to include a greater emphasis on critical thinking, research-based education, and workplace demands. A transversal topic will be the development of a cutting-edge methodology to study genres and genre utilisation related to workplace activities.

More information about COST Actions here.

The activity was a very good exercise in order to gain experience in writing projects, and the collaboration between partners could also be used on further occasions.

Snapshot of PROWOKE Network:

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