On 23-24 May 2022, the Faculty of Letters, History and Theology held a series of events marking the completion of the ROGER project (Academic genres at the crossroads of tradition and internationalization: Corpus-based interlanguage research on genre use in student writing at Romanian universities). Implemented in five years (2017-2022) under the coordination of CS II dr. habil. Mădălina Chitez and funded by a grant from the Swiss National Science Foundation, within the PROMYS programme, the project aimed at developing a corpus-based methodology for the analysis of academic genres at Romanian universities.

The resulted compiled corpus is bilingual (Romanian-English), covering a variety of fields, i.e. academic genres practiced by students at Romanian universities (9 institutions in total). It contains more than 1700 texts and about 3 million words, representing the first collection of academic writing in Romanian universities. It is available to the general public and can be used for individual use, teaching and research:

The presentation “ROGER: end of the project and path openings”, with Prof. Dr. Otto Kruse (ROGER mentor) and Dr. Christian Rapp (ZHAW School of Management and Law), discussed the results of the project, the platforms designed to sustain the corpus and future research directions. The project generated more than 30 conference presentations and articles published in volumes or journals, consisting of contrastive case studies or focusing on different specific sub-corpus (details here: At the same time, through ROGER activities, the team members coagulated different collaborations ( and related projects (, which will be continued, at dissemination level, through CODHUS (Centre for Corpus Related Digital Approaches to Humanities,

Event poster: