June 2019, Summer school participation, Language learning teaching and testing Lancaster, England

Andreea Dincă attended the Language learning teaching and testing summer school, one of the three Lancaster Summer Schools in Corpus Linguistics 2019, organized at Lancaster University, England, on 24-27 June 2019.

More details about the summer schools here:

The summer schools offered lectures and practical sessions from leading experts in corpus linguistics, such as Professor Tony McEnery, Dr. Dana Gablasova, Dr. Vaclav Brezina, Professor Paul Baker and many more. The Language learning teaching and testing summer school aimed at familiarizing the participants with corpus techniques and software, and to show how these methods can be used for topics connected with language learning, teaching and assessment (source here). Examples of topics:

  • Corpus methods in language learning and testing
  • An introduction to understanding statistics for corpus analysis
  • Developing corpus-based teaching materials
  • Building your own corpus and developing wordlists
  • Analysing and visualising collocations with GraphColl
  • BNClab as a resource in language teaching and research


The quality of the lectures and practical sessions was excellent and the CASS staff were ready to answer questions or make suggestions regarding the participants’ ongoing research. The schools had a good mix of participants: experienced researchers, postgraduate students and teachers. This lead to opportunities for exchanging ideas with like-minded scholars with various interests in linguistics. Last but not least, the facilities of Lancaster University and its campus are impressive.